Welcome To Greenigeria

This is a forum to share and disseminate information on Business and Environmental Sustainability, directed particularly to less engaging parts of the global community. It is an expert platform to engage with professional, business owners and policy makers on the need to have both business and environmental sustainability issues on the forefront of any decision making process.

Resource Center

This list is in no way exhaustive; more resources to come.

1. Bioneers (www.bioneers.org), a non profit organisation for that promotes innovative environmental solutions as well as social strategies.
2. Bulkminster Full Institute (www.bfi.org) serves an information resource and is committed to sustainability for all humanity.
3. The Citizens network for Sustainable Development (www.citnet.org), is a non profit network of professionals working on Sustainability issues across the United States
4. Conservation Economy.Net (www.conservationeconomy.net) provides an adaptable framework for ecological restoration including social justice and prosperous society.
5. Earth Policy Institute (www.earth-policy.org) disseminates information to raise public awareness and encourage public engagements on issues related to climate change, population growth and biodiversity.
6. Institute for Sustainable Development (www.iisd.ca) advances policy recommendation on international trade and investment, economic policy, climate change, and natural resource management to make development sustainable.
7. Natural Capitalism Solutions (www.natcapsolutions.org), a non profit that educates decision makers in civil society, government and business about the principles of sustainability.
8. Sustainability Institute (www.sustainer.org) provides information, analysis and practical knowledge on how to transit to a sustainable system at all levels.
9. Sustainability Web Ring (hub.webring.org/hub/sustainability) provides one spot resource on principles, policies and best practices for sustainable development.
10. United Nations Environment Program, (www.unep.org) is a UN agency portal that provides authoritative global information on environmental and other related issues.