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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let's get started (contd..)

Sometimes I wonder how many of us earth citizens have taken time to pose and ponder over these questions; “What kind of sustainable world would I want to live in’’ This particular question has neither reference to the world you thought you could achieve nor to the world you are willing to settle for, but to the world you truly desired or wanted. Who would be my neighbour, man or robots; what kind of transport system would be possible; where would energy, water, food come from; what kinds of wastes would be generated and where would they go? Will it be like the recent situation where France had to transfer her nuclear wastes by rail to storage site in Germany; what kind of work will be available in this sustainable world; who will I work with man or robots. There is no doubt that the questions are limitless but finding answers to them will help us better focus on the concept and importance of sustainability, although most professional and rational minds will quickly say that a sustainable world would be one in which renewable resources are used no faster than they can be regenerated; in which pollution emissions do not overwhelm the carrying capacity of the ecosystem and could be easily handled  harmlessly without transferring cost and consequence to the next generation; in which population is at least stable or decreasing; in which there is neither poverty nor north-south divide; in which there is social justice as well as enduring democracy not the type we find today across most of the less engaging parts of the global.  Assuming that this constitutes an answer to the quest for most people, hence the bigger issue will then be how can we get there, i mean to the sustainable world? My take on this is that of Action, Action, and Action no matter how little that might be.
In conclusion, it will be important that we do not forget that as earth citizens, we have some responsibility towards our sustainable collective future. In view of this foregoing, when next you are making that decision be it business, investment, vacation, Christmas purchases or consumption, ask yourself to what extent is my decision, action or inaction hampering the ability of the future generation to meet their primary needs. From this individual perspective, it is expected that a critical grass root mass that will fuel our sustainability drive will emerge globally. In my opinion, this will make adopting sustainable principles and practices easy and exciting for everyone. We have to drive home the concepts of sustainable cities, living or lifestyle, budgets, purchase and consumption etc., from the rural Africa to royal villas; from the busy streets of Boston to Beijing; and from Karachi to Kandahar. You know the time to have acted was yesterday, and today is far spent so relying on the government or the corporate citizens only to drive the process will further delay the adoption of sustainability principles and practices in our everyday activities. Join this sustainability movement now !!!!!!!


  1. don't know what to say,friends u need read this not just reading, but take time n ponder on it.

  2. yeah thats true king, its really a food for thought.