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Friday, December 3, 2010

Let's get started

To move our world towards sustainability, it is obvious that we have to take different measures, which require different kinds of knowledge, talent, skill, and work. We need to make things happen, engage in paradigm shift – pass new laws, ensure proper enforcements of legislation, make budgets, find resources, establish and manage businesses, invent clean technologies, build, restore, protect, tax, subsidize, regulate, punish, reward etc.  The point here is that of Action, we all must utilize our individual and collective power to make this world a better place through our everyday action, if we indeed must survive. Similarly, to many other aspects of human endeavor especially in the social science arena, sustainability has been subjected to arguments by various professionals over definitions and consequent interpretations. This has meant that we do not have any universally accepted definition of sustainability; with this situation implementation of sustainability principles and practices has been more challenging. However, sustainability is meant to be a call to action, a task in progress or “journey”. The various definitions existing whether universal or not, elusive or not, complicated or not should contribute to our drive for a sustainable future.  The sustainability practices and principles should proceed faster from grand ideologies, statements of alarm to actual everyday practicality. With this in view, many communities, industries and governments will realize that what is practical for everyday economic activities can be redefined or redesigned to benefit the environment and our long term future.
Sustainability (business or environment) is considered as an honest attempt to create positive social, environmental and economic impacts (People – Planet– Profit – Passion – Purpose) through transparent individual and corporate performances.
Making Sustainability Work: Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Corporate Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts (Business) 


  1. This is good. I am sure that more are to come. We need this in all we do, no matter what field we are in. I am sure that our Government need it more to take us to the height we all pray to get to. This is a drive to excellence as no good leader will want to do things that will collapse in few days. "In the minds of great men lies sustainability". Only great men strive to make impact. Nice one Brother.

  2. In my opinion, leaving the sustainability movement to be driven by the government especially in the less engaging parts of the global will further frustrate the efforts. You know the time to have acted was yesterday, and today is far spent so relying on the government or the corporate citizens alone to drive the process will further delay the adoption of sustainability principles and practices. Furthermore, the Government is just a few individual with or without the mandate of the people to manage the affairs of any state. Therefore leaving these few individuals to take us to the height may be suicidal, this does not imply that governments across the global cannot be trusted with such responsibility, but remember power belongs to the people, so we have to ensure that the people have the center stage in order to act in a manner that will force the governments to be more responsive and accountable in our quest for sustainable future.

  3. the government is a group of individuals,so if each and every individual puts his best in whatever that is good with God and men,the world will be a better place.its just that men are selfish and they seek their own good at the detriment of others.I believe in my generation we are so different and we see things differently, we've got a different mindset of making our world better than we met it.

  4. My Brother, I am not saying that we should leave it in the hands of the Government. I am saying that if they can adopt this, that it will go a long way to change things in our societies. We can't depend on the Government. I agree with u

  5. the government is not the walls,the house or the street,the government is made up people like you and I.so if the right people with the right mindset and the right plan and the right focus and have the rightful fear of God is there, i believe they will having right thinking to do the right thing. Yes we cannot depend on the Government, but still the government play a better role and a great impact d more.And also we individuals must realise what we have inside us, and stand to it and never let the government frustrate our effort to greater height even though the government is important so we are also important because before the government, we were,the people are the one that made up the government.